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Terms and Conditions

Registration for the Event shall not be transferrable to any other participant. Registration charges shall not be refunded should participants not be able to participate for any reason whatsoever.

Participation in the Event is subject to confirmation of registration. Should the registration not be approved for any reason, the registration charges shall be refunded after the deduction of processing fees.

Should the event be canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions; public disturbances; Acts of public authorities or other unforeseen reasons and circumstances, the Registration fee or any other costs associated with participation shall not be transferable or refunded.

Event Organisers shall provide T-shirts in accordance with the sizes indicated in the Registration form on a best-efforts basis. Should, however, the indicated sizes not be available at the time of BIB collection, Event Organisers shall not be liable for any refund of Registration charges or part thereof.

For participants under the age of 18, Registration is treated as provisional and will be confirmed subject to the Participant Disclaimer Form being signed by the Parent/ Guardian and send a scanned copy to

By way of registration for the Event, participants accept that they will receive information (including promotional materials, offers, updates, and advertisements) from the Event Sponsors and Organisers.

BIB numbers are not transferable and must not be worn by any runner other than the participant to whom that particular BIB is assigned. BIBs should be properly worn and be clearly visible at all times during the Event.

All the race results will be published post verification by Race Director after a due diligence. Provisional results might vary from the final results after all te aspects are considered based on the data provided during the race registration.

Prize winners are announced post race. However there is a possibility of changes due to various race criteria which is matched after the race completion with all parameters taken into consideration. Prize money is disbursed within 45 days from the day of event. Winners need to provide appropriate documentation needed for the disbursement of prize money.

All the prize money is liable to tax deduction as per applicable slabs.


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